Amos Alonzo Stagg Alumni Association is proud to have awarded the following grants to the students of Stagg High School, for the improvement and betterment of class and character thanks to DONATIONS by DONATORS. Total Grants contributed to programs is more than $10,195 since induction in 2010.


Yearbook: Martin Bagnasco – $1200 for Journalism conference.
Music Department: Mark Swope – $1,000 to hold a Music Festival Event.
French Club: Debra Berg – $850 for students field trip to Defense Institute Language Day.
Stagg Line: Don Bott – $750 for Journalism Conference.
MESA: Andrew Walter – $500 for Arduino processors to enable programming a prosthetic arm.
Gay Straight Alliance: Susan Diohep – $200 for trip to Harvey Milk Museum.

2016 Total Grants: $4,500


Music Department: Mark Swope – $1,300 for Guitarrons.
Yearbook: Martin Bagnasco – $1,000 Journalism Conference.
MESA: Andrew Walter – $400 for Prosthetic Arm Project.
MESA: Andrew Walter – $200 for Solar Boat Project.
Biology Class: Marcus Sherman – $120 for field trip.

2015 Total Grants: $3,020


Yearbook: Martin Bagnasco – $900 Journalism Conference.
MESA: Andrew Walter – $800 for Solar Boat Project.
AP: Don Bott – $725 for AP Fees.
MESA: Andrew Walter – $250 for Travel Expenses.

2014 Total Grants: $2,675