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Carol Sims This email was sent to reunion committee leads from the
A.A. Stagg Alumni Association re: the annual meeting

1.) Annual Meeting of the membership of the A.A. Stagg High School Alumni Association
this Saturday, November 4, 2017 at 10:00 a.m., in the former Library building on the Stagg campus

Agenda: << A report on the past year and expectations for the coming year.
<< Financial Report.
<< Election of Board members please contact me if you are interested in serving.
<< Questions

The Board encourages you to attend. The meeting will last one hour.

2.) If you have not already done so, please contribute in support of campus programs. The Board has already approved grants totally $3450, and expects to receive further requests for funding. We hope that contributions from our Alumni membership will allow us to fund all appropriate programs. Thus far, contributions total roughly $4,500. We would like to have more, in order to do more. Roughly 95% of contributions go to campus; the rest is used to pay internet and postal expenses. Please give.

Contributions may be made
by mail to PO Box 77814 Stockton CA 95267
(checks payable to A.A. Stagg Alumni Association)

or by PayPal at: http://www.aastaggaa.com/donate/

The Stagg High School Alumni Association is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Tax number 46-5333829

3.) Those of you who follow Stagg’s athletic fortunes will be glad to know that a win this Friday will give the Delta Kings an undefeated season in conference, and the third championship in the past four years.

Questions? Contact Alumni Association President Stewart Jacoby, ‘65 at staggalumni@gmail.com

Alumni Board members: President Stewart Jacoby '65,Vice President/Treasurer Linda Driver ‘65, Secretary Martha Hawley ’71, Judy Foster ’65, Pam Curtin, Rita Jacoby ’66, Don Smiley ’66. Thanks for your hard work, time and talents.

See you Saturday!
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Bill Motter https://staggstate82.wixsite.com/aastaggstocktonca

35th A.A. Stagg High School 1982 Reunion!
Saturday, October 14th, 6:30pm Woodbridge Crossing
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Sherry Fratta Class of 1963..we are updating our database..please IM me with your e-mail address.26.07.2017 at 04:04 amLike
Sherry Fratta I am sad to report that another one our classmates from the Class of 1963 has passed away. Art Seegers passed away onJune 27, 2017. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.14.07.2017 at 03:53 pmLike
Muerte Black Class of 1962, 55th Reunion
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Muerte Black We currently have the Reunion and Birthday Data for Classes: 67, 77, and 75. There are venues out there for the class of 62 and upcoming 2018 reunion of class of 63. If you have information about other get-togethers or reunions, please let me know for the Alumni Association Website - Muerte Black shared a link to the group: AASTAGGAA.02.07.2017 at 05:17 pmLike
Muerte Black Now that we're into the new year and the Alumni Website is being redone I'm needed 2 things from you members. 1. Contact information for all years for the reunion committees, chairpersons, or websites. 2. All the upcoming reunion dates and information for the classes of 2007, 2002, 1997, 1992, 1987, 1982, 1977, 1972, 1967, 1962.
Feel free to message it to me or post a reply with the information. It is for alumni information on the website. Thank you, Amos Alonzo Stagg Alumni Association.

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Muerte Black The AAStaggAA Reunion Calendar is Filling. Check US out at http://www.AAStaggAA.com04.04.2017 at 06:28 pmLike
Muerte Black SAVE the DATE -----
Stagg Class of '77
40th Reunion
Hilton Hotel off of March Lane
$70 pp
Check out our Facebook Page - lots of great pictures already
**** Do you like to bake? We are looking for a few more people to bake a DESSERT (just 1 batch) for our REUNION. No pressure to do so. If you love to bake, contact Josephine (via this email page). Disregard if you already contacted me a couple months ago.
Questions??? Contact Reunion Coordinator Martha Cashore Carey on Facebook.
DON'T FORGET - send us contact info for any of our classmates (due to busing - we opened it to anyone who attended Stagg at least one year, even if you graduated in '77 at another school).
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Betsy Magby Jones Here is the information for the Class of 75 60th birthday party.21.03.2017 at 10:02 pmLike
Bev Ries Class of '75 is throwing a 60th Birthday Bash for everyone born in 1 9 5 7!22.03.2017 at 01:11 amLike
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Betsy Magby Jones Class of 75 is having it's 60th birthday party on July 1, 2017 from 4 to 9 at the Van Ruiten Family Winery in Lodi. SAVE THE DATE. If you are class of 75 and have not been nofitied, let me know and I'll be sure your name gets added to the list.26.01.2017 at 10:48 pmLike
Betsy Magby Jones The details of class of 75 60th birthday party have been finalized. Go to 75Stagg2015 to get the specifics. If you are not a member of the group, simply request to be added to the membership. Bev Ries is the head of the party committee and she'll make sure you get all the info.21.03.2017 at 07:38 pmLike
Muerte Black Don't forget we try to consolidate all the information we can from various sources at the Alumni Associations website http://www.aastaggaa.com. More site information and features will become active soon. If you have any questions or comments feel free to reply or message me.Muerte Black shared a link to the group: AASTAGGAA.21.03.2017 at 07:00 pmLike
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Muerte Black Stagg alumni will want to note the passing in November, 2016 of Steve Moore, who taught art and ESL (English as a Second Language) for 25 years at Stagg. He was twice honored as Stockton Teacher of the Year, and by all accounts was revered by his students. As an artist, his work was exhibited internationally. The Alumni Association has recently worked with his executor to return to Stagg materials and instruments which he saved from being destroyed or discarded. He had a large heart, and a lot of room in that heart for Stagg and her students.

Stephen (Steve) Moore

June 13, 1945 - Nov. 4, 2016

A gentle, kind, and soft-spoken man, Steve had been born, raised, and lived most of his life in Stockton, where he touched many young lives teaching at Stagg Senior High School for 25 years.

Atler earning a BA and MA's at UC Davis and Berkeley, Steve taught art, but many never knew he was an accomplished artist himself. His work was shown in Tokyo and Manhattan. He could have become a university professor, but instead Steve devoted his life to teaching younger students, using art and filmmaking as a way to help his students discover their own creativity and use their imaginations. This was his mission, and his challenge. For most of his students, english was a second language. They had strong ties, so Steve visited their homes, talked with their parents, and learned how they lived. He became a recognizable regular at their community events, eating their food and making new friends. He helped find jobs for his students, at times creating the job. Every summer he volunteered his time, studio, and equipment to run a movie making camp, funded by grants he had written.

Steve fulfilled his mission and proved the power of one, changing many lives and opening young minds to create. His students believed in themselves and their ideas, and they believed in a teacher who believed in them. Steve was voted Stockton Teacher of the Year twice, but for him, the greatest award was watching his students graduate and possibly continue on to college.

Stephen was preceded in death by his father, Aubrey D. Moore, and mother, Darlene Moore. He left behind his brother, Aubrey D. Moore, Jr., older sister Carolyn Moore de Ortiz, and younger sister Pamela Moore Watson. He was well loved and will always be missed. A service for Steve will be held privately at his request.

Published in The Record on Nov. 30, 2016

- See more at:
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