AASTAGGAA August 2016 Appeal for Donations

To all Stagg Alumni—As the current generation of Stagg students completes their first week of the 2016-2017 school year, we want to extend to you the opportunity to be part of their lives.
The A.A. Stagg High School Alumni Association collects donations from alumni and distributes funds to faculty and staff support quality education programs at Stagg. This email is our annual appeal for contributions; please write a check or go online to support our work.

We have been fortunate to have received strong support from a number of alumni, particularly in the class of 1965. In addition to these individual gifts, we want to acknowledge substantial gifts from the class of 1965 and Chase Chevrolet. Contributions have grown each year since 2010, but we can do more. Our ability to fund exceptional educational opportunities at Stagg is measured by your generosity.

If you have given in the past, please continue. If you have not, please join our effort.

Want news of Stagg? We sent out a review of the 2015-6 school year three weeks ago. Contact staggalumni@gmail.com if you didn’t get it.

Thank you very much for your support. We are making a difference in the lives of today’s Stagg students.

Stewart Jacoby ’65, President
A.A. Stagg High School Alumni Association

Thanks to our Alumni Board members for their service: Linda Driver ‘65, Vice President; Martha Hawley ’71, Secretary; Charles Tillery 1993, Treasurer; Judy Foster ’65; Janwyn Funamura ’67; Rita Jacoby ’66; Pam Curtin ’71; Josephine Swenson ‘77

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Contributions may be made by mail to PO Box 77814 Stockton CA 95267
(checks payable to A.A. Stagg Alumni Association)

or by PayPal at: http://www.aastaggaa.com/donate/

The Stagg High School Alumni Association is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.
Tax number 46-5333829
Questions? Contact Stewart Jacoby at staggalumni@gmail.com

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Plan to join us for the 4th annual Alumni Tailgate Party at the football stadium on campus, Friday, September 16, when the Varsity and J.V. teams play Lodi. We start at 5:30. This event is sponsored by Chase Chevrolet. Come for the food and connections, stay for the games. No charge for Tailgate, but there is a charge by the Stagg athletic department to enter the stadium.
Join us as well for the Annual Meeting of the Alumni Association membership: Stagg library, 10:00 a.m. Saturday, November 5, 2016.

The Alumni Association was created in 2010 to:
 Help connect our alumni to each other and to Stagg High School.
 Promote Stagg High School in the community.
 Support the Stagg community as it educates the next generation of Stagg students.
Join us! We are working to have all Stagg alumni sign up so that we have good class and contact information. No information will be shared with anyone outside the Association. Your class can use our resources to reach you with information about your reunion and other class activities. We will keep you informed about important events at Stagg and offer opportunities for you to support our efforts. Email staggalumni@gmail.com, or sign up on the website
Help us! In the last four years we have funded nearly $17,000 in programs. With your help, we will do much more. We have
 subsidized Advanced Placement exam fees;
 funded a new amplifier for the theater;
 purchased two guitarrons for Stagg’s mariachi band; arranged for donated repair of Stagg’s string instruments by a professional luthier.
 helped to fund field trips for biology, Yearbook, Stagg Line, language department programs, student clubs and organizations.
 financed speakers on campus.
 funded the inauguration of an exciting “Music Olympiad” event, expected to provide a model for music education in San Joaquin County.
 purchased computers, solar boat and prosthetic arm supplies for Stagg’s MESA team (3rd in Calif. this year, has won first in U.S. twice).
Please give generously! Every cent you give goes to support Stagg High School and its students.